Remedo for Diabetologist

Practice Management simplified for diabetologist. Remedo helps you treat your patients and its related care program.


Remedo offers outstanding health assistance for your patient’s diabetic concerns by giving them step-by-step to-do’s that help relieve their symptoms, and control their blood sugar & HbA1c. Our care plan engages diabetic patients through education, reminders and trackers. Our care plan cover:

Nature of the disease

We help patients gain control of their life and condition. Guided by health experts, Remedo ensures that health education and awareness help shape a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Tests to check blood sugar levels

From Random blood glucose tests to HbA1c, we’ve covered information on all relevant tests. A complete guide on how to use glucometer is also readily available, thus helping patients keep a record of their blood sugar levels regularly.

Special diabetic diets

Assisted by our expert nutritionist, we have provided daily diet tips for diabetic patients to help them choose the best nutrition options.

Lifestyle changes

Remedo helps incorporate yoga and exercise in the patient’s lifestyle effortlessly, thereby keeping them active and fit.

Diabetologists all over India approve of the benefits to patients and doctors alike. In addition, Remedo helps patients keep their lab reports, and prescriptions online in one place, so that they don’t lose their records! with the use of Remedo health care plans.

Your benefits

Grow your practice through better patient connect - D.I.S.H.A


Time Efficiency

Appointments, automated follow-up reminders & Online doctor chat


Expand your practice

Broadcast to your patients: When you start a new service, a camp, when you’re running late, or just a new year wish!


Increase your Revenue

Billing, payments, collections.Complete analytics about your practice


Excellent Patient Care

Digital records with zero change in behavior. NO medical file storage


We care about our customers.

It is a really helpful and informative app for us.

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