Remedo for Gynecologist

Practice Management simplified for gynecologist. Remedo helps you treat your patients and its related care program.


Remedo is a unique app that is loved by leading gynecologists and their patients. Patients placed on care plans thank their doctor profusely and help grow doctors’ online presence!

Remedo covers key gynecological and obstetric conditions that covers most of your daily practice, provides tools to save time (e.g. EDD calculators), clinical templates (e.g. Pre-op/post-op advice), analytics (e.g. which patient is due when), and a lot more that is specific to Gynecological practice!

Our care plans answer all standard patient FAQs, remind them about repeat visits, provide condition specific diet & lifestyle advice, and help build a bond between you and your patients.

Pregnancy care plan

  • Trimester-wise content
  • Information about all the tests, vaccinations and screenings
  • Weekly tips for moms-to-be
  • Diet tips, charts, and recipes
  • Baby development picture cards
  • Pregnancy progress timeline
  • Medication and test reminders
  • Recommended products

PCOS care plan

  • Complete knowledge about the condition
  • Information about all tests
  • Diet tips, charts, and recipes
  • Tips to get rid of PCOS symptoms
  • Weight management
  • Emotional and mental aspects of PCOS

Endometriosis care plan

  • Understanding about the condition
  • Knowledge about tests
  • Diet tips and lifestyle changes
  • Emotional and mental aspects of dealing with pain

We celebrate the beauty of pregnancy, offer a helping hand to ease the pains of Endometriosis, and actively support bodily changes during PCOS. Our team strives to be a woman’s best friend and help you connect with your patient by creating AI-based specialized plans for them, from you. Our app analyses the patient condition and pushes forward personalized content relevant to their state.

We have also covered other important gynecological topics like HPV, UTI, Planning for pregnancy, Menstrual hygiene and Contraceptive methods. Our care plans comprise all the aspects of gynecological practice.

Our content

Reviewed and appraised by many senior gynecologists, Remedo offers you a wide array of benefits that help enhance patient experience and provides appropriate information that is tailored to the medical state of your patient. We have meticulously made our care plans from ACOG, RCOG and FOGSI guidelines & PILs. Our medical team has doctors, dieticians, yoga trainers and physiotherapists, and together we work towards holistic care of patients. Remedo helps boost patient engagement and helps build your practice by improving patient experience.

Your benefits

Grow your practice through better patient connect - D.I.S.H.A


Time Efficiency

Appointments, automated follow-up reminders & Online doctor chat


Expand your practice

Broadcast to your patients: When you start a new service, a camp, when you’re running late, or just a new year wish!


Increase your Revenue

Billing, payments, collections.Complete analytics about your practice


Excellent Patient Care

Digital records with zero change in behavior. NO medical file storage


We care about our customers.

It is a really helpful and informative app for us.

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