Remedo for Orthopedics

Practice Management simplified for orthopedics. Remedo helps you treat your patients and its related care program.


Remedo has collaborated with leading Orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists to create a fresh and powerful approach for patients with special orthopedic problems.

Our ortho care plans are

  • ACL injury
  • ACL surgical
  • ACL post-surgery
  • Fracture
  • Arthritis, joint replacement (WIP)

Rehabilitation protocol

In our Orthopaedic care plans, we provide video tutorials to patients so that they can follow physio protocols from their home. Our ACL rehab plan has benefited hundreds of patients and helped them achieve full ROM of knee.

We also assist Orthopaedicians by helping them recall important patient information, send timely notifications and reminders to their patients and helps build a strong bond between patients and their doctors through personalized care. This translates into patient gratitude, online reputation for doctors, new patients and better compliance from existing patients.

Your benefits

Grow your practice through better patient connect - D.I.S.H.A


Time Efficiency

Appointments, automated follow-up reminders & Online doctor chat


Expand your practice

Broadcast to your patients: When you start a new service, a camp, when you’re running late, or just a new year wish!


Increase your Revenue

Billing, payments, collections.Complete analytics about your practice


Excellent Patient Care

Digital records with zero change in behavior. NO medical file storage


We care about our customers.

It is a really helpful and informative app for us.

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